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Routine Checkups & Cleanings In Haworth

dentist checkups and cleanings

You already clean your teeth everyday as you brush, floss, and wash them. But your daily oral care routine isn’t enough to ensure that you’ll enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile for your entire life. While you are surely a thorough wiz when it comes to cleaning your teeth every morning and night, you simply don’t have access to the equipment and expertise that a certified dental expert does.

And just about the best certified dentist around is Haworth Dental. With over 50 years in the business, we at Haworth Dental have mastered the craft of getting your teeth cleaned and KEEPING them cleaned. When your daily routine isn’t enough to keep your teeth shining for a lifetime, then the experts at Haworth Dental WILL be enough.

If you want to have a stunning smile for your whole life, then schedule a routine checkup and cleaning with the experts at Haworth Dental today, and you’ll be enjoying the benefits that come with these services!

Regular Checkups

You see your smile every day - but how WELL are you REALLY seeing it? More than likely, you’re seeing only the surface: your frontmost teeth. But there are 32 teeth in your head, and most of them are situated well past the front. And chances are, like most folks, you seldom (if ever) go out of your way to check on those teeth way in the back. And those teeth can develop problems just like your front line choppers can.

That’s why routine checkups are so important. You might not have the wherewithal to keep up with the teeth in every nook and cranny of your mouth. To do so requires equipment that you might not have access to and angles that you most certainly can’t contort into.

The experts at Haworth Dental, on the other hand, do have the equipment to check on every tooth in your head and the expertise to know how to use it. AND we can work ourselves and our equipment into the best angles for checking out your choppers. Don’t disregard your backmost teeth. Schedule a routine checkup, and you’ll know what’s going on with ALL 32 of your teeth - not just the headliners.

Professional Cleanings

Think of your teeth like a truck that you go mudding in on the weekends. That truck is going to get good and dirty on a regular basis. But you can clean it. Sure: You have a hose and a bucket and that good dish soap by the sink, plus a nice, big sponge. You know how to use those tools all together to get your truck looking about as clean as new.

But mud is messy, and it’ll take a little more than you, some at-home tools, and the skills you yourself possess to get that truck cleaned THOROUGHLY. Yes, you can do a respectable job, but there’s always going to be some filth that you can’t quite get to.

For your truck, you’d need a professional car wash to get it completely clean. And for your teeth, you need dental experts - experts such as Haworth Dental. Our team of experts and their equipment and expertise are the carwash to your teeth. You might be able to get your teeth clean after the mess they endure daily, but we can get them COMPLETELY clean.

A thorough, routine dental cleaning by the experienced team at Haworth Dental is just the thing to keep your truck - er - TEETH shining like new for many, many years to come!

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