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Digital Dental X-Ray Professionals

digital dental x-rays

You aren’t Superman. Perhaps in your own way, you are: as a parent, as a teacher, as a friend or employee or maker of birdhouses. But not as someone with actual superpowers. That’s just impossible.

But it would certainly be great if it WERE possible to have some of Superman’s powers! If you had X-ray vision, you could check on your teeth more thoroughly than you currently are able to with your regular, non-X-ray vision. After all, dental problems are not always ostensible. Many issues that affect your oral health can often occur well beyond what you can see with your naked eye.

You may not be Superman - but the dental experts at Haworth Dental are. At least we are when we use our digital X-rays to inspect every POSSIBLE inch of your teeth outside AND in.

A digital X-ray is a great way to keep up with your oral health in the most thorough way possible. Many dental problems can occur within your teeth and under your teeth and below your gums, so while your teeth may LOOK like they’re in excellent shape, there could be some pretty serious issues bubbling up from under the surface.

Issues Below The Surface

Dental damage can occur in places that you don’t even see. Decay can occur under the gums. Your teeth’s roots can break. The bones supporting your teeth can sustain damage, and many other problems can occur where you are not able to see them.

These issues may not be visible at the start, but they are still detrimental to your dental health. You might do everything you can to keep your teeth looking healthy, but when it comes to the parts of your teeth that you can’t see (or, indeed, even REACH), then you need to rely on expert dentists who have X-ray equipment that will allow them to find all manners of dental problems.

These X-rays can also help find other health issues. Tumors can grow under the surface of your teeth, and should you be developing any of those, a dental X-ray will help find it. While a dentist won’t have the skills necessary to remove tumors, with a routine X-ray, they can help find tumors so that you are able to contact medical professionals who CAN remove them.

Plan For Root Canals

Hearing a dentist say, “Root canal” is like hearing a police officer say, “Please step out of the vehicle”: You just KNOW nothing good will follow that statement. While we at Haworth Dental can’t help you with your legal woes, we can help make your root canal as quick and painless as we possibly can.

We can do so by mapping out the best plan for your root canal. With an X-ray, we can get a good, detailed look at the problems that necessitate root canals, and we can then come up with the kind of plan that will make your root canal the easiest one possible!

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