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Friendly And Reliable Pediatric Dentistry

pediatric dentistry

Good dental health starts at a young age. After all, it’s hard for your teeth to recover from a childhood of sugary drinks combined with poor dental habits. But if your children learn to brush routinely and avoid eating so much sugar, they can enjoy a lifetime of beautiful teeth!

And the expert dentists at Haworth Dental can also help them enjoy beautiful teeth their whole lives long! We have over fifty years of experience in the dental industry, and in that time, we have made children’s dentistry one of our top priorities.

We understand the challenges that you face when teaching your children to care for their teeth. No child is bouncing off the walls to brush their teeth. Consequently, your children might develop some dental problems. That’s okay. Fostering good dental habits can be a process that’s met with some bumps in the road before your children finally make good dental habits part of their daily routine.

And should your kids develop some dental problems, don’t stress yourself! Just bring them to the pediatric dentistry experts at Haworth Dental!

Teeth Cleaning

Even the most thorough child might not clean their teeth quite as well as they should. That’s okay. Most adults are the same way, too, so it’s just a part of life. And when that part of life affects your pride and joy, just bring them over to Haworth Dental!

We will thoroughly clean all of the plaque that your child might have overlooked. And with our inviting atmosphere and caring, careful experts, we’ll be sure that your child’s experience with a professional teeth cleaning at Haworth Dental is the best one they’ll experience!

Good dental health should be a habit that children WANT to partake in. That’s why we at Haworth Dental strive to make their dental experience nothing short of top-notch and absolutely inviting!


The best time to correct crooked teeth is as early as possible. If your child’s baby teeth have come and gone and now their permanent teeth are looking a little askew, don’t fret! Just bring your child down to Haworth Dental, and we’ll fit them with some braces that’ll help their teeth grow to be beautiful and straight!

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