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Our Dental Services

Your dental health is important, and to ensure that you have a healthy, beautiful smile throughout your entire life, you need to practice good oral hygiene for life. But sometimes, good dental habits themselves aren’t enough to keep you smiling beautifully. Sometimes, you need a little help from an expert dentist.

The experienced team at Haworth Dental is just the expert for you! With over fifty years’ experience in the business, we have all the skills and know-how to ensure that you maintain the most beautiful smile possible! We can do so with our top-of-the-line dental services, which include the following:

Preventive Dentistry

preventive dentistry

The best way to combat oral decay is to be sure that it never happens. To make sure that it doesn’t, schedule regular checkups and cleanings with Haworth Dental. With our dedicated team of experts and top-of-the-line equipment, we’ll be sure to catch and prevent any dental problems before they happen.

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Checkups & Cleanings

checkups and cleanings

You might be great at brushing, flossing, and mouth-washing every day, but you’re still just one person. You could always overlook things. But don’t worry: You’ve got the dedicated team at Haworth Dental to catch the stuff you missed. With our thorough checkups and cleanings, we’ll make sure your smile continues to shine.

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Digital X-Rays

digital x-rayYour dental problems can run deep below the surface. Underneath your gums, your roots could be rotting, your teeth could be growing in, and your jaw could even be causing issues with your teeth. To be sure that your teeth are cleaned as thoroughly as possible, you can rely on Haworth Dental’s digital X-ray service to catch every single problem your teeth might be facing.

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Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentistry

Sometimes, your teeth are just in bad shape. Maybe you didn’t brush quite enough through the years. Whatever the case, you can rely on the experts at Haworth Dental to restore your teeth to their former glory with our expert restorative services!

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Crowns & Bridges

crowns and bridges

You might lose your teeth, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose hope of ever having a beautiful smile again. The same goes for cracks and chips you get in your teeth. If your choppers look a little chopped up, just call on Haworth Dental for expert crown and bridge work that’ll get your smile looking great again!

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Dental Implants

dental implants

Sometimes, crowns and bridges aren’t enough. Sometimes, you need something put in, not on or around. If you are looking for a more deep-rooted solution to your dental problems, then call Haworth Dental for top-quality dental implants.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

There’s a reason that major motion picture studios call on Haworth Dental: We know how to make teeth look great. Not all dental services are necessary. Sometimes, folks just want a smile that’s fit for a movie star. If you’re one of those folks, then just call up Haworth Dental for top-quality cosmetic dentistry work.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

tooth-colored fillings

Whatever happens to your teeth to make them look a little less than perfect, you can rely on tooth-colored fillings to get your teeth looking beautiful again! Tooth-colored fillings can restore your teeth to like-new condition while also replicating their natural look. Thus, with tooth-colored fillings, you can reverse dental damage while also restoring your smile to its natural beauty!

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Everyone wants straight teeth, but those who don’t have them hardly want to go through the pain and not always pleasant aesthetic that come with braces. If you are in need of straight teeth, hold the headache, then get Invisalign! They’re clear, they’re comfortable, and they’re available right here at Haworth Dental.

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Porcelain Veneers

porcelain veneers

Not all dental problems require implants, crowns, bridges, or any of that complicated stuff. Some just require veneers: covers that go over your teeth to hide discoloration, breaks, gaps, and other problems that make your smile look a little less than perfect. If you want top-quality porcelain veneers, then come down to Haworth Dental!

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All Ceramic Restorations

all-ceramic restorations

Ceramic is the most authentic-looking implant you can have to replace your missing teeth. And with an all-ceramic implant, you don’t have to worry about anyone ever finding out that any of your teeth are implants since no metal rods will ever be present.

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Children's Dentistry

childrens dentistry

Good dental health starts at a young age. Your children should learn the importance of brushing, flossing, and mouth washing to keep their smiles shining bright for many years to come. To also help with that, bring them in for routine checkups, cleanings, and other dental work at Haworth Dental.

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Emergency Care

emergency care

Some dental problems are serious - too serious to wait for care. If you are experiencing a dental problem that is leaving you bleeding or in serious pain, then call on the experts at Haworth Dental for emergency dental care. Don’t wait for an appointment. Just come to us, and we’ll get your teeth fixed up like new again!

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Sleep Apnea Therapy

sleep apnea therapy

We don’t treat only your teeth: We also treat your sleep! At least your sleep apnea. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, come to the experts at Haworth Dental. We can fix you up with an oral appliance therapy device that will help get your breathing and your sleeping back on track.

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