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Articles And Dental Tips

Benefits of Scheduling Regular Dental Checkups

To ensure optimal oral and physical health, you should schedule dental checkups and cleanings at least every 6 months or as recommended by your Haworth dentist.… Read More

3 Common Dental Emergencies

A dental emergency is any injury to the mouth, including teeth, lips, gums, and cheeks.… Read More

What You Should Know About Oral Appliance Therapy

For cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea, oral appliance therapy is an option. So, it helps to know more about the benefits, as well as the side effects.… Read More

3 Keys To Maintaining Healthy Teeth

No matter what your teeth or smile looks like, the health of your teeth is most important. We need our molars, incisors, and bicuspids to chew food so that our bodies can stay healthy. When teeth develop disease and start to decay, we lose our ability to eat healthy foods like carrots, apples, nuts, and so on.… Read More

What Should Your Daily Dental Routine Consist Of?

Your teeth are important. You eat with them, and they make up your smile, which can be one of your best or worst features, depending on how well-cared-for your teeth are. But how do you maintain healthy teeth? The answer is quite simple, yet many people don’t manage to keep their teeth clean and white because either they don’t bother maintaining an effective oral care routine or they don’t know what goes into an effective oral care routine… Read More

What Can I Expect from Cosmetic Dentistry?

Your teeth say a lot about you, but no matter how beautiful they are, you might find yourself unsatisfied with WHAT they’re saying about you or HOW they’re saying it. After all, we all have our own sense of identity, and if some aspect of ourselves eddies against that identity, we’re apt to feel a little discordant and dissatisfied… Read More

What Are the Benefits of a Dental X-Ray?

The world is not made of cellophane. That makes it pretty easy for plenty of things to be kept secret. Some of these secrets are good: Christmas presents, surprise parties, and the like. Some are bad: stolen goods, stolen PEOPLE, and that sort of thing. And it’s not just the WORLD that conceals secrets behind opaque structures. Some secrets are hiding in your very body! And some of these secrets can be the bad kind… Read More

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